The first time I heard Gold Class was New Year’s morning 2016, whilst dying on the front lawn of a mates’ place in Byron Bay. Between the relentless beat of a dying house party next door, the faint sounds of ‘Furlong’ carried its way through the fly wire door and out to me. My mate shouted from the kitchen something about these guys being from Melbourne and that I needed to see them live. Ever since that moment, their record ‘It's You’ has dominated my stereo.

So it was an absolute pleasure last week as Julien and I hit the open road in our trusty Toyota Surf and headed for the hills to visit one of our favourite Melbourne bands. Having chased the band for a couple of months now, we leapt at the opportunity to drive 3 hours north-east to the foot of Mount Buller, where we were told we’d find Gold Class on a family homestead knocking over a week of writing ahead of their European tour.

After making a quick pit stop at Mansfield’s finest pub, we headed up a dusty track to find the boys in the living room of a house straight out of Country Style, locked away in song writing mode.

Surrounded by mountainous terrain and a good amount of empty whiskey bottles, Gold Class showed us around the property and chatted with us about their creative processes, and how much easier it is to get work done when they’re away from the city.

We cracked open a few afternoon beers for an hour or so until the boys quickly jumped back into jamming in the living room and we were given free rein to have a wander around the beautiful country house with the camera in hand. Pretty nice way to spend a day.

A few months later we received an email from Gold Class inviting us to shoot their studio sessions at Melbourne's Head Gap Studios in Preston, so on a sunny Thursday morning we swung by to take some photos of Evan tracking guitar on what was to be their first single of the new LP. It was a different energy than the one we'd felt up in Macedon, with the boys fully focussed and determined. With renowned Melbourne musician, producer and Drones founding member Gareth Liddiard behind the wheel it was always going to be a cracker release, fast forward to present day and we have 'Twist In The Dark'; a brooding, tumultuous tune that somehow manages to be both aggressive and sensitive. 

Always a pleasure hanging, thanks again for having us!

~ Ben