Earlier this year, one brisk Melbourne morning we took to the road and headed to Casa Blanca, home of renowned singer-songwriter Fraser A. Gorman. Casa Blanca is located in one of Melbourne’s hidden gems, Alphington, and we were greeted at the door by instant legend Fraser, sporting his trademark cheeky grin and a cup of coffee for us both.

Fraser’s set-up is one that inspires jealousy even for non-music makers like myself. Musical instruments can be found sprawled throughout the mansion, littering floor space and adorning walls. His piano can be found in the kitchen/living room, and his guitar space located in the sprawling family room. “All but one track from the new album was written in this place, one was written in Mount Buller but that doesn’t really matter”.

Fraser has an infectious personality, somehow managing to be both super cool and super approachable. He tells stories like he writes his songs, personal and relatable, so you feel like you’ve known him for longer than you have. It’s an incredible attribute for a recording artist, and one that works hand in glove with his record label Milk! Records.  

When we visited him he had just confirmed that his new record was to be engineered and mixed by the French god himself Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Wild Nothing, War on Drugs) in Vernhes’ Brooklyn studio Rare Book Room. From what we’ve gathered Brooklyn treated Fraser just fine.

We were taken to the golf course Fraser's house backs onto and he quickly showed off his swing, before leading us back up the hill for a few more tall tales and another cup of coffee.

A huge thanks for Fraser for having us over, and for the Milk! Records record!